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‘Write Fiction Books’ is a packed online fiction writing course that teaches you step-by-step how to write page-turning fiction that gets published.

Below you will find a selection of Write Fiction Books reviews written by some of our students who have taken this course. All reviews are 100% genuine and have been collected and verified by ReviewTrust.com (an independent consumer protection organization designed to collect and display verified buyer reviews).

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Glenn Pierce

“As a retired English teacher with an interest in writing fiction, but no experience in doing so, I found the WriteFictionBooks online course to be an interesting and motivating introduction to the writing craft. A lot of basic information is covered on most aspects of writing fiction, so I’m glad that I purchased the textbook version for future reference. The only aspects of the course that disappointed me were some of the mediocre or trivial writing examples given, either by the course writers or from published professionals. I think more quality thinking should be put into those selections. Overall, the course design and graphics were excellent. I would recommend the course to others.”

Howard Culley

“I’ve been writing historical fiction for a few years now but I still gained quite a lot from the course. It certainly made me a better writer.


“Easy to follow each module so far has been of great interest and relevant very well laid out.”

Denise Pike

This is a must do course
The course was great, it boosted my self esteem and I have actually nearly finished my first book.”

Erik Petersson

“This course has had the most impact on my writing, idea generation and true understanding of fiction writing than any book, class or course that I took… and there has been many! It’s been a wonderful learning experience. I love the way it is delivered and the content is first class. Thank you! Hurry, with more courses!”


“I’m only on the 2nd module and have found it a really informative course and very practical. So far it has given me the confidence to really believe that I could write the novel. That is actually the reason I haven’t got any further than the second module as it gets you putting your ideas down straight away and I want to give it my full attention so have put on going any further until I can put 100% concentration into it. It has a great way so far of helping to set out titles and outlines to really get you started. So if the desire is there but a lack of ideas it is an excellent way to get started and get the brain ticking over.

Turning on the Light

I am almost halfway through this course and it has been an incredible experience not just from the perspective of writing fiction but also because it has opened a creative tap inside of me. Every day I find myself thinking about some element such as “peaks and troughs”; building characters so that they are multidimensional and I finding myself looking at my surroundings with a new light switched on….

Susan Wilmot-Josife


“I really enjoyed the course and felt every aspect of the subject was thoroughly covered. This course made me feel as if I was being shown the ropes by a good friend of mine, one more than willing to share their secrets.”

Sylvia Hodnett

“Don’t get technical at my age.
Personal results about how I feel about myself. Great! I am in my 70’s but your courses make me feel young and give me hope for my future. I can write.”


“I am enjoying the course so far and the information given is very useful, particularly with developing writing techniques. I know this will help me considerably in the future. However I have found rather a lot of emphasis given to fantasy/dystopian fiction. It certainly stretches the imagination and makes for a valuable exercise, but I don’t see myself ever writing in that genre.”

Sarah Dale

“Must Do This!!!
I have been able to reshape my entire novel just by taking this course!!! I love everything about it and so thankful that I stumbled across it.”


“A very well structured and informative writing course 10/10. I found this course to be easily followed and gave me the re-assurance to continue with my story (which I had put away in a drawer years ago) with the added confidence of how to structure it. The Guidance and information given will allow any writer to create their story and to put their ideas, and thoughts down on paper for the enjoyment of others. A must for any budding authors.

Clare Barnes-Kandeh

“Working my way through this course at the moment and am pleasantly surprised by the amount of knowledge shared. It very interesting and so much more than I expected.”

CPD Certified

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Angie Lang

“I absolutely loved this course. I got so much out of it and have managed to complete it and send it off to a publisher, who have already taken a bite and asked to see the full manuscript. I owe it all to this course. I will advise anyone interested in writing to do this course. In a score of 1-10 I definitely give it a 10! It was so easy to read and it was set out fantastically”


“This is an extremely informative and well-written course. Each chapter contains succinct guidelines for the topic covered. The test at the end of each chapter is an excellent review of the material.”


“I am very glad I also ordered the book for the course. When I cannot access the Internet, I can still read during little breaks of time to be ready for my next online session. My time is so crowded, with little margin, I appreciate the at-your-own-pace aspects of this course.”

Jackson Kellogg

“Write Fiction Books is a great course. It’s very informative and well-organized. I would not suggest this course to a brand-new writer, but rather to someone who has been writing for awhile and would like some extra ideas. It is a wonderful supplement to help you with your writing. As with any source giving advice on writing, make sure to not let the program stifle or restrict your creativity. Take what you like from the course, but don’t let it define your style.”



“Wonderful course!
I love the lay out of the course, and the light hearted way the information is presented, not to mention the material itself. Course can be so dry, this one however adds a touch of humour, which goes a long way in the way of actual learning.”


“I loved it. Would definitely recommend. This course was very informative I would gladly take another.”

“Great! One of the best courses
I have done since I started my writer career.”

– Sandro


“I have completed this course and was very impressed with its content. The course units provide a great deal of depth into not only the topic of writing and refining your novel/short/story/any piece of writing, but also spend time on advising budding writers on how to make sure that you have the best chance of selling your writing. The action points with exercises were very useful. I am working through these at my own pace and they give good pointers of how to turn pages of notes into something that resembles an actual story. Examples were taken from several vastly different genres to illustrate each point in different ways. I would recommend this for people interested in writing either for future profit or even just their own enjoyment.”


Hilda Smith

“This is the third in this series of courses that I have taken. Write storybooks for children was truly excellent. The content being of great help to those wanting to write for this genre, with advice on publishers and agents, but also would have given an excellent grounding to anyone wanting to write fiction in any genre. Write crime fiction was also good, but I truly think this latest, Write Fiction Books, is the best yet, and I will try to convince my writing group colleagues to follow my example and sign up for the course. I am beginning my third book having learned how to do it properly.”

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